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Welcome To the Manx Accountancy Awards 2020!

The region's outstanding talent will gather at Comis Hotel & Golf Resort in Mount Murray Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM4 2HT on 06 November 2020

Partner of the Year

Individual Excellence Awards

This award recognises an outstanding partner in the accounting industry, who most effectively drives growth and progress in large firms, and often successfully negotiates the pressures of national and international clients and ensures the long-term success of their firm or division.

Based on business growth metrics as well as support and servicing, the award considers the activities, strategies and actions of the partner in terms of driving increased revenue and efficiencies within their business units.


This award is open to all the senior members and partners of firms who are responsible for the financial direction and management of the firm that provided accounting services in the region. This includes partners, senior members  or the directors of the company.


Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for clear information backed up by facts that pay particular attention to the criteria listed below.

  • Professionalism: Outline the Evidence of professional conduct and performance.
  • Measurable Success: Outline the facts of quantifiable performance improvements and personal excellence and how success was recorded and measured. 
  • Innovation: Please include details of any unique efforts or uses of technology introduced by the individual that has successfully improved the performance of their team or the organisation as a whole demonstrating the innovation encouraging positive change.
  • Role Model: Demonstration of how the candidate is a positive role model.
  • Quality of Service: Outline how the individual exceeded expectations through their work.
  • Teamwork: Outline how the individual has contributed to the success of their team, and displayed commitment, enthusiasm and flexibility in the role.
  • Impact: What makes this individual stand out from colleagues? Outline their achievements to date, summarising their contribution to the growth and success of the organisation.


  • Drive sustainable revenue growth.
  • Unique selling points/points of difference as a practice partner
  • Quality firm/business unit as a result.
  • Contribution to innovation in your firm/business unit and
  • Impacted business growth.
  • Showcases your success as a practice partner.
  • Detail how you have structured your firm/business units to drive sustainable revenue growth.
  • Outline your unique selling points/points of difference as a practice partner compared with your peers, and how you have created a quality firm/business unit as a result.
  • Highlight your contribution to innovation in your firm/business unit and how this has impacted business growth.
  • Provide a case study that showcases your success as a practice partner over the last 12 months.


  • Total revenue (firm)
  • Total revenue (under partner's control)
  • Number of clients (under partner's control)
  • Percentage of recurring number (under partner's control)
  • Number of new clients (under partner's control)
  • Total number of staff under management (under partner's control)

Area of Assessment

Measurable Success
Role Model

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