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  • Do you want more from your business? Even for the most experienced of us, running a prosperous and successful business can be a daunting thought.

    Fear not! Find Us On Web Business Buzz workshop are on hand with “Your Buzz Experience” sessions. These popular workshop events provide key tools you can utilise to become a more confident and productive business people. 

    Our Business Buzz programme works on a workshop module basis which helps you bring your business to a stage of Business Growth where the business reaches the point for expansion and seeks additional options to generate more profit. Business growth is a program designed of the business lifecycle, industry growth trends, and the owners desire for equity value creation.

    When growing business, we believe in looking at the big picture. This means looking at what your business is now and what it might be. To create a strategy for your growth that matches your needs, we'll do whatever it takes to offer you the key business tips, help and support to keep your business portfolio running smoothly.

    The BUSINESSBUZZ is designed to be a modular programme that allows you to continue to run your business while you participate. The main part of the programme runs over 30 workshops. During that time, there are 30 modules here at Find Us On Web. In between the modules, you will be working on developing your own strategy for your business and you will be making immediate improvements. At the end the planned workshops, one of the key module is the Business Plan Review, where you will present your strategy and plans to a panel made up of the BUSINESSBUZZ team and independent advisors. About six months later we reconvene for the Progress Review Day when we review actual progress against your plan. Throughout the programme, you will be supported by an experienced BUSINESSBUZZ counsellor who works with you on a 1-2-1 basis, and within a small group, to ensure that you get the maximum value from your BUSINESSBUZZ experience.

    The benefits you achieve from your BUSINESSBUZZ experience will depend on your particular situation.

    During these lively sessions you will cover and master techniques on how to be aware of and create your own strategy for:

    • Faster and more managed growth
    • A more valuable business
    • A robust and rigorous plan
    • More confidence, more focus, more energy
    • An exit plan
    • Improved profitability
    • Greater clarity over their personal goals and drivers
    • More effective leadership and improved management skills
    • Greater confidence in the future
    • Less stress, more time off and more fun! 

    Come and join John and Carolyn and release your inner business tycoon. Maximize your investment to be more successful, grow your business and foster long lasting business relationships that will create future referrals.

    Core content

    The BusinessBuzz Growth Programme is centred entirely on the reality of your business – your current challenges, your opportunities, your future goals and ambitions. Because of this, the journey and the way you apply your learnings, as well as the benefits you gain, will be unique to you.

    How does it work?

    The BUSINESSBUZZ is built around a core developmental process whereby each individual participant develops their own growth strategy for their own business and a plan to implement that strategy.

    To enable this, the programme consists in a simple yet rigorous structure, comprising of three key blocks of strategic thinking:

    1. Where are we now?
    2. Where are we going?
    3. How do we get there?

    Core content

    Content is delivered by means of monthly workshop from Find Us On Web associates, all experts in their fields and trained under a strict business model and with proven business experience. They key themes that modules fall under are:

    • Internal Processes
    • External Influences
    • Strategy
    • Leadership

    Topics such as strategy, business promotions, marketing, sales, target market, finance and business are all covered within these key themes.


    To be considered for a place on the BUSINESSBUZZ, what we typically look for is business owner or business managers of businesses that have been in operation for less than 3 years, with a staff of 5 to 50 and a turnover under £1 million. In some circumstances, we will also consider managing directors and other senior team members of large privately owned businesses who have strategic control but not necessarily an ownership stake. 

    The BUSINESSBUZZ has a strong selection process that aims to ensure businesses that do come on the programme will see tangible benefits.

    Upon application you will first talk to an executive development advisor and if necessary may be referred to a BUSINESSBUZZ counsellor for further guidance.

    Spaces are limited at each event, so book your place NOW.

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