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Preferred partner programme: the benefits

Preferred’ is an exclusive status we award to our high-performing busineses. Once you’ve discussed your needs with our regional director and met the criteria of prefered partner program – you’ll benefit from extra features, in return for a slightly higher savings and better commision rate.

Preferred busineses will get extra visibility in the search results. A larger number of customers can easily see that we recommend your busineses as one performing well on www.findusonweb.com — and one that’s popular with the local business community.

How to join the Preferred programme

First, you need to check if you’re eligible for a prefered partnership program. You need to be among the top 30% of aspiring businesses in your area and match the following criteria:

To find out if you’re eligible to join the ‘Preferred’ programme, speak to your local support team or regional director and see if you meet the above criteriato start enjoying the benefits of being a Preferred partner.

How to stay in the Preferred programme

Once you’ve been part of the Preferred programme for one year, we’ll verify your eligibility each consecutive year to ensure you’re still meeting the criteria of being a high-performing busineses and creating value for the customers. We will also let you know by email about any improvements you should make to stay in the programme and how much time you’ll have to work on this.

How to leave the Preferred programme

Opting out is easy and can be done at any time. Just go to your extranet ‘Opportunities’ tab and select ‘Preferred partner programme’. At the bottom of the page, click on the ‘Leave’ button. Your status and commission amount will change immediately, and you’ll receive a confirmation message in your ‘Inbox’.