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Welcome To the Manx Accountancy Awards 2020!

The region's outstanding talent will gather at Woodbourne House in Woodbourne Square, Douglas, Isle of Man IM2 3ED on 18 September 2020

About the Awards Entry


Welcome to the Manx Accountancy Awards. Manx Accountancy Awards are the accountant’s most prestigious award scheme in the Isle of Man. We recognise and reward brilliance in the field of accountancy, celebrating the finest minds within the profession. The award shines the spotlight on the best of the best in accountancy industry.

Recognised as the pinnacle of professional achievement, each year the greatest accountancy practice organisations and thought leaders from around the region gather for a spectacular evening of anticipation, entertainment, and inspiration at the Manx accountancy Awards.

Competing for a spot on the prestigious list of finalists and winners, organisations of all sizes go head to head to prove they are the most esteemed, innovative, and transformative players in the industry.

Forever adorned with the mark of greatness, these distinguished few join the ranks of the trailblazers before them and receive the opportunity to proclaim their excellence in the region.

Business within the sector is ever changing and we are changing with it. Manx Accountancy Awards will continue to raise awareness of the creativity and originality delivered by accountants, as well as showcase the successes of accounting teams and individuals alike. We recognise organisations that have demonstrated commitment to accountancy practices, regardless of their size or the sector they operate within.

Manx Accountancy Awards give us a chance to celebrate those adapting, changing and leading the way forward.  the Manx Accountancy Awards are about celebrating excellence and we can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store.

Enter now for your chance at a spot on the prestigious list of finalists and category winners

Login to Enter the awards dashboard

Key Requirements

When completing your entry, please follow these rules:
All activities cited in support of your entries must have been ongoing within the past 12 months from the closing date of these awards. 
Please ensure your submission fits onto A4 pages in portrait PDF format including supporting materials such as pictures, graphs, tables etc.
Please answer each of the key criteria points allocated to the category that you are entering. This is what the judges base their scores on. Back up your key points with other information such as tables, graphics, figures, pictures etc.
You may enter as many categories as are relevant, however, each entry must be tailored to meet the category criteria.
The entering party does not have to be resident in the Isle of Man, but the projects that support their entry must have taken place in these areas.
Here’s your handy checklist.

Firstly, you will need to login or register through the Manx Accountancy Awards Website
If you are a member, please enter your login details.
If you are a non-member, please choose the ‘Register’ button option 
choose your award category and click on Apply. All sections should be completed. We recommend that you prepare your supporting documents for the application in word, pdf and ppt format in the first instance and send then as an attachment as part of the application!

You’ll need to ensure you provide the following details in your entry:
• Nominator details. Please complete your personal details and contact information.
• Nominated Category: Choose your award

category and complete the details of your scheme including the name and address.
• Partner details: Tell us about the different partners involved. We need the names and addresses of the investor/owner and developer alongside any other important partners.
• Supporting information:  The description of entry should be no longer than 200 words. It’s a brief executive summary outlining the context of the scheme – we’ll use this to compose commentary. Think of it as a 30 second pitch – it should be precise, simple and informative! Your supporting information statement should be no longer than 1,000 words; this is where you should outline how your application meets the category’s judging criteria.
• Supporting media: All supporting media should also be submitted using the online application. We’ll be using your images and videos during all publicity for the Gold Awards and for the awards presentation at the Annual Dinner. It’s important that your images and videos are high quality and representative of your scheme. 
• Please include:
• Photos – high quality images in jpeg format (maximum of 4)
• Video – we recommend including any video footage you have including marketing materials or CGI video etc.
• Statements from occupiers, customers, key stakeholders or supply chain – compiled in a PDF document (maximum of 2)
• Structural diagrams, charts, graphs, site maps, floor plans – compiled in a PDF document (maximum of 1 at no more than 10MB in size)
• Organisation logo – high resolution jpeg and eps format, full colour and white out

Login to Enter the awards dashboard

Our Process

All entries must be submitted online. Please note that these awards are free to enter. Don’t forget to read the top tips before submitting your entry! Award entry is a multi-phase process and can be completed at your convenience. At every stage, the system will retain the information you at any phase and will be able to start your application from the same place you left your application last time. Look at the phases of the award entry after you have received the nomination email.



The first stage on the entry process is to fill in an Awards Application Profile form with your contact information and other supporting information needed to validate your eligibility for all the available categories under Manx accountancy Awards.

Please note that you need to create an online account to Find Us On Web portal before you start this process. You can create this via visiting www.findusonweb.com or via our dedicated event portal www.manxaccountancyawards.com

After you have completed the registration, you will be required to log on to the awards portal and access the awards application dashboard to kick off the application process or view my nomination page to see the list of nominations received before entering awards.



You can enter the awards and land on to application category dashboard from any of the following ways

  • Clicking on the link "Enter the awards now" or "Enter the awards" action button anywhere from the web portal
  • By visiting the “Enter the awards" drop-down menu
  • By clicking on the email link "Click here to enter the awards now"

The nomination is the key to enter the awards. After the nomination, you can access the “Enter the Awards” process, which is divided into 9 short phases rather than one long process. The phases are designed so that you can complete the application either in one go or you can spend as little time as you have got available to complete one small section of the process and continue the remaining process at a later stage



From there, you will be asked to select the category that you would like to enter from a list of drop-down options. You will then be automatically be taken through to the entry questions for that category. Please note: all entry questions must be answered in order for your entry to be considered.

You do not have to complete your entry in one session - you can save your work as you go along. To return to a saved entry, click on ‘View/Edit’ in the box on the right-hand side of the eligible categories section on the awards application dashboard.



There is no limit to the number of entries that you can submit. However, one or two powerful entries in categories in which you have excelled stand a better chance of success than across the board entries in every category.

To submit additional entries, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button from the Application Dashboard under the Enter the Awards section and repeat the submission process.



When your entry has been successfully submitted you will receive an email confirmation; if you do not receive this email, please contact our events team. Please note: once you have pressed this button, your entry cannot be amended.

 All entries are confidential; only judges will view your submission, and they cannot see your login details.

Why Enter ?

Here at Manx Accountancy Awards, we believe that everyone should hear the words “and the winner is…” and then their name announced at least once in their lives. There are many benefits of entering awards, from PR exposure, increased credibility to improve your team morale to celebrating success. It takes time, effort and hard work to improve the culture within an organisation and raise brand awareness in the local business community as a business leader.

At MAA Awards, we provide accounting leaders, professionals and firms a fantastic opportunity to showcase their excellence. - 15 categories completing various types of awards such as Firm Excellence Awards m Individuals Excellence Awards, Teams Excellence Awards etc. that shine in the accounting awards industry - These awards champion excellence in a variety of different disciplines.

The Awards are judged by an independent panel of professionals throughout the Isle of Man as well as the UK

  • All experienced within their nominated award
  • Individual categories judged by senior professionals with vast experience within the accounting and finance industry
  • Free to enter and you can enter as many categories as you desire
  • Guaranteed exposure to a receptive audience of esteemed judges, an industry seal of approval for a job well done

Not only do the Manx Accountancy Awards give you the recognition you deserve, they also help:

  • Motivate your team and reward employees
  • An opportunity to celebrate as well as win new clients, partners and business opportunities
  • Prove your success both within your organisation and to others in the industry
  • Benchmark yourself against other leaders in the field
  • Showcase your commitment to excellent accountancy practices.
  • Stand out against the competition
  • Leverage your marketing - through PR and increased brand awareness
  • If you are shortlisted your company logo will feature at the awards ceremony attended by hundreds of the leading names in the industry.
  • Attract talent

What to expect


Entering the awards is simple: for your ease, we have kept the entry process on-line and kept the requirements for the initial judging stage very straightforward. We are asking for a series of questions to illustrate your work. Entries can be made via a fully automatic, on-line application facility allowing you to input contact information, product/project details, and supply images and supporting documents in one easy submission.

Phage 1: Entrant details - Update your application profile
Online entry form: your contact details, organisation information and project information and few key questions to identify the key eligible categories for you to apply for awards.

Phase 2: Check your eligibility
Click on the check my eligibility link to help you 

Phase 3: Starting the application 
You can choose a category if you are eligible to apply for the chosen category. You need to have at least one category nomination to access the nomination dashboard but you can apply for as many applications as you want, irrespective of the nominations received. Nominations are your key get access to the system but do not stop you to apply for other categories once you have landed on the application dashboard provided you are eligible to apply for the category. You can recheck your eligibility at any stage of the entry process and change your response as you go. Please select the category that you wish to enter here and follow these steps:

Phase 4: Your supporting documents, logo, av images and trophy look
• Upload your supporting pdf documents here.
• Please note that your entry document must be less than 8mb and in pdf format, otherwise the system will not allow you to continue.
• Please also upload your organisation's logo in jpg format. The maximum file size is 8mb.
Upload a photo which will represent your entry in the av presentation on the awards night. We require high-quality jpeg photos (300dpi) which are landscape in format. The maximum size per file is again 8mb.
Confirm who will be your organisation's representative at the awards to accept the trophy, and confirm how your organisation name should be engraved onto the trophy should you win.

Phase 5: Terms and conditions and completing your application
You will also be asked to accept the awards' terms and conditions; please note that by doing so that you agree to send at least 1 representative to the awards night should your organisation be shortlisted.

Phase 6: Thank you page and your entry reference
This page confirms that your entry has been received and you will receive an email confirming the same.


Awards Entry Tips


Unless the awards category gives you free reign on the written submission, you should live and die by the criteria from word count to content. This may sound obvious but it’s really easy to deviate from the requirements when you’re mid-flow writing about a particularly interesting tender win. Surplus info won’t be marked.


Where appropriate tell a story and bring it to life for the assessor. Hone in on the point or points that you feel give you the strongest chance of winning and hammer them home as hard as you can. Back up your points with one or two strong examples that illustrate them clearly.



We don’t all have data at our fingertips but taking the time to calculate the ROI on a marketing campaign or sales figures for the last 12 months can make all the difference in bringing the examples in your award entry to life. Providing data will strengthen anecdotal examples so make the effort to source it if you really want your entry to pack a punch.



We’re all prone to using internal lingo, shortening phrases and using acronyms for speed and ease but if the judges don’t understand your language, your great examples won’t count for a great deal. Ask someone outside your company to proof your entry to make sure it makes complete sense to an outsider before you submit.



Criteria on what to include will vary but with annual awards it’s always a good idea to pay special attention to successes and achievements over the preceding 12 months or since the last time you entered.  That’s not to say you can’t include more historic accolades but try to balance them with recent data.



Always push for feedback and testimonials on your written entry, see where you scored well and where you missed out with a view to making it even better next year. If at first you don’t succeed…

Terms & Conditions

The awards will be administered by Find Us On Web Limited T/A Manx Accountancy Awards (registered company number 132417C). Find Us On Web Limited will be the Data Controller. 



“Awards” “The Event” or “Award Dinner” -  means Manx Accountancy Awards 2020.  
 “Organiser”, “we”, “us”, “our” -  Refers to Find Us On Web Limited T/A Manx Accountancy Awards
“Offerings” - Products and Services offered by Find Us On Web Limited
“MAA” - means Manx Accountancy Awards
“Entrant” - means Award Entrant or the person or organisation submitting an entry in the awards. 
“Finalists” - means Award Finalist or Entrants who are shortlisted as finalists by the Judging Panel for their category.
 “Judge” - means Award Judge / 
“Winner” - means Award Winner / 
“Attendee” - means any person or business attending or registering to attend event



1. An entry form must be completed on the Manx Accountancy Awards website or via our Awards Mobile App in order to be entered into the Manx Accountancy Awards

2. To begin your application, you will need to go through the step-by-step process, completing the relevant information necessary to your entry. Entries cannot be returned.

3. Once the entry form is complete and the client has Submitted the application, the entry form constitutes a legally binding contract. 

4. When applying for the awards, you should follow the criteria on the requirements for each category as outlined on the online entry form. In regards to any data displaying the pattern of growth of earnings as evidence of commercial success, data should be auditable and able to be confirmed by an auditor’s certificate if required. If estimates are provided, particulars of the methodology used in preparing the estimates must be given. You confirm and agree that the information contained in your application is not business sensitive, proprietary or confidential information, and no intellectual property rights attach thereto. The information you provide must be independently verifiable, at your cost. Entries become the property of the Organisers.

5. Wherever applicable, the entry fees payment must be tendered immediately upon receipt of the invoice. If payment is not received prior to the judging, the MAA reserves the right to disqualify the entry.

6. Entries should be submitted by 11.59pm on the entry deadline listed on the Awards website. Entries received after this time will not be entered into the awards.

7. By nominating yourself, you understand and acknowledge that your attendance (or attendance by a representative) is expected at the awards ceremony, should you be short-listed as a finalist. The Organisers reserve the right to withhold any award or prize for non-attendance.

8. The competition is open to all accounting firms, practices and sole traders operating in the Isle of Man. Entrants are only permitted to enter into each category once, but each Entrant may enter into as many categories as they so choose, provided that the entry criteria for each category is satisfied. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they satisfy all entry requirements for the relevant categories before submitting their entry.

9. The Entrant will take responsibility for responding to all correspondence with the Organisers and Manx Accounting Awards relating to this application.

10. No responsibility will be taken by Find Us On Web, their parent or subsidiary companies or any other company associated with the awards for delayed, undelivered or mislaid entries, or entries not successfully completed due to a technical fault of any kind. Any entry which the Organisers consider in their discretion does not comply with these terms and conditions may be deemed invalid at the sole discretion of the Organiser.

11. By submitting the application for Manx Accountancy Awards, the Entrant will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and be bound by them. These rules include any instruction set out in the entry form, and the terms provided on the Awards/ Organiser’s website.

12. Please note that entry copy submitted may be amended for the purposes of press and / or media releases.



13. All entries will be acknowledged by a confirmation email.

14. Any entries which the Organisers or judges consider in their discretion to be incomplete entries will automatically be rejected and where the Organisers or judges consider in their discretion that an entry includes any false or misleading information within an application, they will automatically disqualify the Entrant who submitted such false or misleading information from the awards. The Organisers reserve all rights to disqualify you if your conduct is contrary to the spirit or intention of the prize competition.

15. There will be 2 category winners chosen for each of the 5 categories listed, one an accountant/accounting firm and the other a supplier to the accounting industry.

16. The Organiser reserves the right to change the judging panel or process without prior notice to the Entrants.

17. The judges have the right to withhold an award in any category if they feel the entries are not of sufficient merit.

18. We reserve the right to combine, rename and restructure categories at any time during the entry and judging process if the number of nominations received does not allow for a fair competition e.g. fewer than four entries.

19. Where an Entrant is selected as a finalist; that Entrant may be asked to supply any additional financial or other information in relation to their entry. By submitting an application, Entrants consent to this information being made available to judges and third parties associated with the awards process.

20. The judges’ decision is final and binding, no correspondence will be entered into

21. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse to award the prize to anyone in breach of these terms and conditions.

22. The winners from all categories will be presented with a trophy at the awards presentation.

23. Any winner may publicise their Award provided the year in which it was won is stated. 

24. Winning or entering the Awards does not confer on you any intellectual property rights in relation to the Awards or the Organisers, which remain the property of the Organisers.

25. The MAA reserves the right to disqualify, without refund, any entrant that is in breach of the following:

a. Information provided in the entry form must be factually correct and be signed off by the relevant client contact.

b. All entries entered must be MAA code compliant.

26. The MAA reserves the right to move an entry into another category during the judging if they deem it to be a more suitable category for the entry. In this case the entrant will be notified after the judging.

27. Wherever applicable, the entry fee will be clearly marked, highlighted and confirmed at point of entry or on the website but may be subject to change if circumstances beyond our control occur

28. Once you have entered, the MAA may contact you for the following reasons:

a. To invite you to book a table for the Manx Accountancy Awards night 2020

b. To engage as sponsor in our annual programmes and events

c. To purchase any duplicate trophies or certificates

d. To enter and participate again in future events

29. The MAA will not give individual feedback from the juries regarding any entry entered.

30. By submitting a video, you give the MAA the right to upload this to a password protected Manx Accountancy Awards online channels and pages for judges to access.

31. AV images will be used to showcase your work should you be shortlisted on the awards night, online and in print.

32. After the MAA have announced the 2020 shortlist, information provided in ALL sections of this form other than the ‘for Judges' Eyes only’ section, may be used by the MAA and their selected partners for showcasing best practice in data driven marketing campaign development and execution.



33. If you consented to be contacted in the this event or the future events, our approved panel of Judges, partners and sponsors of the Awards may wish to contact you by email, mail, telephone or sms text message to let you know about any of our events, offerings or other promotions (which, in some cases may be provided by third parties);. Please select from the options on the review of your entries, your preferred method of how you would like to be contacted from time to time.

34. You may, at any time, update and amend your preferred method(s) of communication or, opt out of receiving communications from Find Us On Web by emailing awards@findusonweb.com or opting-out from the Website

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